Thirsty Planet - YCN 2016

The brief is to create a campaign to raise awareness of the newly branded Thirsty Planet range within 18-24 year olds. The campaign must capture the attention and imagination of the target audience. We want interaction and the opportunity to develop loyalty. We want to stand out from other charitable water brands on the market. We’d like you to create a campaign that is loved by students for all the right reasons and encourages consumers to become involved.

Campaign Objectives: African populations, despite the poverty that surrounds them and their difficulties, always find a great energy in dance and music, transmitting joy and emotions. The goal of the campaign is to capture the attention of young people by creating dance challenges, in the social media platform, any accepted challenge is worth a donation. Join the dance and the name of the thirsty water initiative to entice young people to join this community with the goal of expanding the company's growth and increasing donations. The slogan of the campaign is this "Do not stop the sound". Join the dance.