The MoshiMoshi Project/2

The personal point of view expressed with art and creativity it's phenomenal, there is not right and not wrong, there are not any grammatical rules to follow, the only thing you must follow it's your freedom of expression, that you must express with a language created with the intent to connect the past with future.

Let's regenerate places

We are not Graffiti artists, but we strongly believe in this way of expression, to regenerate areas and places by giving a fresh look in terms of mood and colour, we want these places able to talk, which transmit harmonious messages and a structure that transmits happiness to the people, for a better living world.

Our selves, connection and the atmosphere

Perception, inspiration and the personal point of view, it's what make a human being smarter; Smarter you are more chance you have to find a new way to enhance your happiness.

Stories it's a new form of expression studied and elaborated to stimulate your sensory senses, with the aim to reconnect your soul with your brain, and your brain with your eyes, your eyes with your ears, your ears with your mouth, it's a way reconnect yourself with world around us. 



Wear the Moshimoshi Brand

Let's make it clear, we are not fashion designer, but we love to design modern and innovative geometric pattern that people will enjoy to wear.

"Moshimoshi Wear"  at the moment produce only is own collection of hand crafted tote bag, designed with British material and proudly made in UK, but we are looking to extend the Moshimoshi pattern into other fashion product.

We do not want a world based on the Moshimoshi Philosophy, because we love and promote the diversity of expression, instead, we want the world that can enjoy the benefits of movements like ours; We believe in art, creativity and innovation, it is the a perfect equation to find the result for a better living world