The Symbols

Moshimoshi it's an open project where people can express themselves with the power of form and symbols and create a personal interpretation of a laugh, sound or an action. Below you can observe the symbols I have elaborated for the MoshiMoshi Stories, each form means something, it's my personal feeling, emotion and sensation. 
I did not name each symbol because it will be hypocrite and countercurrent to the MoshiMoshi Philosophy, for everyone a symbol can mean everything or nothing and can be intepretated in a different prespective. So I'll leave you free to use them as your mind and soul driving you, but is essential for the MoshiMoshi that people can be involved and expand this universal language.

MoshiMoshi Stories has the goal to create visual picture, but instead to use a camera you use you perception and the capability of interpretation, Here Below few example of my own pieces.